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Reposted from Facebook: A Christmas Present to Myself

I want to ask my friends to help me give MYSELF a Christmas present! First off, please read the entire post, I know it may be a bit long but, at least to me, it is important.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and is making good headway into all the preparations it takes to make it special for our loved ones. I also realize that this time of year can be very stressful for many reasons: finances, troubled relationships, family issues etc.; ... I want all of my friends (here on Facebook and those that are not) to know that if they need someone to talk to or discuss any issue that I might be able to offer assistance in, please do not hesitate to call me.

BEFORE anyone thinks that I am utilizing the Holiday season simply to increase business, please know that is not my main objective. I do not believe people are so naive, as many large corporations would like to think, that something is done totally out of the goodness of person's heart, although in this case it really is my MAIN purpose to do something "good". I believe in Karma and I try to keep it on my side ;)

As a lawyer we are also referred to, and for good reason, as "Counselor". It is a title too often under utilized in my profession and forgotten by the general population. I have personally had the unpleasant, but necessary job of handling many of my personal friends unfortunate situations (domestic and otherwise), and that it has helped remind me that not all problems have to be handled through litigation or the court system. One of the few great things about my job is that once in while I get the BEST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY SOMEONE CAN HAVE and that is to help people in their life, not through filing legal documents, but merely by listening and offering advice on how to make things BETTER.

I have had years of seeing what went wrong in people's lives and relationships and I would like to GIVE BACK by being able to pass along that knowledge in a positive way, and in doing so, hopefully make things better for someone else and their family.

So I officially am offering... make that humbly asking, that if anyone has a problem that they need help with (legal, personal I don't care as long as I can help) to please send me a message here on Facebook, contact me via my website or call the office at 228-896-3374 and see if I can do something beneficial besides being the person who files the paperwork to end long standing relationships or bail someone out of a legal jam. I may not be able to do more than listen and offer whatever advice I have, but I would like to do so. IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD when I can counsel in such a way as to avoid some of the pitfalls in life.

My "door" is open for you, my friends, at NO COST WHATSOEVER, to pick my mind, be you shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen and if I AM LUCKY MAYBE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

SO HELP ME TO GIVE A CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO MYSELF and allow me to help if I can! Feel free to "share" with your own friends and family, all they have to do is tell me that "a friend" referred them.

Merry Christmas and God bless!

-Casey Varnado

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